material matters.

Then: 10/09/2023


Lab Here//Too//For @ the Vancouver Art Gallery


This satellite lab - an exhibition commons - within Fashion Fictions, draws on our current research and past insights of the Textile Adaptation Research Program (TARP), New Craft, and the formative cloTHING(s) as Conversation research initiative. Works on display and adjacent to the lab are inclusive of Alumni Researchers, Material Matters Guest Artists and Designers. Lab: Here//Too//For merges design, research creation and knowledge exchange as means to uncover new possibilities that support responsible ecological and social action. Our overall goal for Here//Too/For is to foster new conversations connected to our relations with the materials we use as artists, designers and the implications of the forms we create, engaging the general public and colleagues in a series of dialogues and workshops that contemplate and share. For us much of this work involves embracing risk in our creative practice. Doing so often shifts our assumptions, enabling us to do things differently.

Can textiles, products, the clothing that we design offer a plurality (many, diverse kinds!) of circumstances and deeply inter-relational material world views? yes - please.

In response to the Fashion Fictions and in conversation with Design research peers! Lab: Here//Too/For Forums will engage the general public in a series of dialogues that will examine the following questions:

1) How do textiles, products, and the clothing that we design and wear offer a diversity of experience and expression?

2) How can our designs support deeply inter-relational conditions and world views that understand materials not as unlimited resources to be used without question but as kin and companion?

Lab Here//Too//For - public forums at the VAG

Forum 1: Making, Material Futures + WITH TREES -

Forum 2: Making, Material Futures + the stories we tell

Forum 3: Aesthetic Prophesies + Companions

Forum 4: Reflexive research - Embodied practices

Forum 5: Responsible Visions + Neglected Materials